Friday, November 02, 2012

Uncles Visit!

Uncle Al had some vacation time, so he flew up to Louisville to see Uncle David and his family for half a week and then Uncle David drove him up to Chicago to finish out his vacation! They stayed with Aunt Domi, but they came to see us at our house before going there.  The girls had fun with Uncle Al!

I think they are contemplating having a dance party...

Looks like they decided to do it!

While Juju convinced Uncle Al to dance, Abbey convinced Uncle David to flip her around!

And oh were they excited to get some dancing outfits that Uncle David brought them passed down from their cousins!

Then Ben got home from school and joined in on the fun!
Juju giving her Godfather a kiss :)

David also brought up an amazing doll house that he made for his daughter 9 years ago.  The girls absolutely love it and it will fit perfectly in their room.  I am still waiting for their new dresser to arrive, but once it does, than I can really get to decorating and finishing up their big girl room.  I will post pictures of it when it is done, along with a picture of their new amazing doll house.  Thank you so much Uncle Al and Uncle David for visiting us!!
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