Monday, June 06, 2011

Andrew's Confirmation

On Sunday we got to watch our Godson, Andrew, get confirmed. Well, we sort of got to watch it. Paul and I were in charge of the kids (our 3 and Caroline), so Paul sat in the church with 2 and I was out in the narthax with the other 2 (we switched up the duos a few times during mass). There was a tv out in the narthax though so I got to see some stuff. The mass was 2 hours long and the kids were very well behaved once we split them up. It seemed like it was a very nice mass though. Since I couldn't take pictures of Andrew (pictures were not allowed in the church anyway), I decided to take some pictures of what I was watching!

We read a lot of books.
Andrew and Aunt Theresa (his confirmation sponsor).

Paul and I with our Godson...we are so proud of him!

Then it was time to head back to their house to celebrate with some delicious smoked salmon flown in fresh from Alaska (thanks Theresa - it was so yummy)!
Just a cutie pie.

Time for presents!

Wow Andrew - what an awesome crucifix! Some special people must have given that to you!

Congratulations Andrew!!
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