Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Kitchen Remodel

So we have been preparing for the past few weeks to have our kitchen completely gutted and redone. As a reminder, here is our kitchen before we started.
And here is our dining room.
Looking from the living room to the opening of the dining room.
We spent about 2 weeks packing up all our stuff and putting it in a storage unit. Here is our empty kitchen the night before they started work.
And our dining room.
Here is our make-shift kitchen for the next several weeks.
Day 1 demolition...here is our kitchen.
Looking into the old dining room.
They have already done so much. It is very exciting at the end of each day to see what they have been doing. So far the kids have adjusted pretty well to the workers. I am doing my best to keep us out of the house and do a lot of activity in the mornings so they are pretty tired for naps. They had a pretty exhausting weekend so they are still catching up on sleep from that. No nap issues so far, even with all the pounding and noise from demolition. I'm sure their naps will be affected sometimes, but so far so good! Here are the kids eating at our make-shift dining room.
I will continue to post updates as things progress.
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