Friday, June 24, 2011

Kitchen Progress

Well the guys have been hard at work today. They painted and got the oven hooked up. Here is our living room - they still need to put another coat of paint on it, but looking good so far.

Here is our kitchen with the fridge (though not yet hooked up), the microwave and oven/range. You can also see the color on the wall to the left. I think they are finished painting the kitchen. Any white areas left are going to be covered with tile back splash or cabinets.

I hope they are still on target to finish by next Friday, but it seems to me that there is still a lot left to do. They certainly are working hard though - they show up every morning before 8 and stay until at least 5 (today they were here until 6 trying to get the first coat of paint on the living room walls). They rarely take breaks either - maybe a 45 minute lunch break. So far we are very happy with them, so hopefully we will stay that way through the end of the project, although the end is usually the hardest part.
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