Thursday, June 16, 2011

Down time

In between all the swimming, we have had some down time around the house too. The kids love playing the piano.

Good sheet reading Abbey...

What a lovely duet...

All the kids love being in such a big house with so much room to run around in...this is a little snippit of our "Chase the Juju" game...

Of course lots of laughs with Madgie...I love this picture!

Madgie and Ben put together a 100+ piece Mickey Mouse puzzle.

Ta Da! Good thing we got this picture right away as Juliette immediately pulled it all apart!

The kids helped Madgie bake a cake...

Some more swimming in the back yard.

Story time with Madgie is always a favorite activity with the kids.

Then we celebrated my birthday a little early (there are 5 candles to represent 32, although from the way Abbey placed that fifth candle it sort of looks like they were trying to do 41!) with my mom's famous Texas Sheet Cake! The cake was also partially to celebrate Father's Day since we will have to leave early on that day.

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