Monday, June 27, 2011

Science Experiment

Lately Ben has been very into conducting science experiments. Usually they involve water and some sort of mess, but it makes him happy and water is easy to clean-up (especially when he is the one who has to clean it up). Today though, I thought his experiment was pretty good so I decided to share. He filled the sink with warm water (not sure why it had to be warm, but whatever) and then put a water bottle in the water. He told me the experiment was to put the bottle in the water and see if it would sink or float as the bottle filled up with water. I asked him what he thought would happen and he thought it would sink. So, we watched the bottle fill up with water and slowly submerge. He was pretty excited and I was proud of him. Seems silly, but he thought of this experiment all on his own, developed his own hypothesis, and got to see the final result. This kid is smart (not surprising given his parents, of course)...haha!

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