Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beach Time!

As soon as we got to FL, the kids began asking when we could go to the beach. Don't these two look ready to hit the beach?

They all got into using the pails and shovels right away.

And like last time we were here, it was low tide in the morning which meant a nice little "pool" of ocean water was formed - perfect for the kids to play in.

Juju loved the beach too.

Abbey with her pail and shovel...

And guess who loves jumping in the waves...they all did actually but here is a cute picture of Juliette jumping with Madgie.

Ben enjoying the beach...

I know, a lot of the same type of pictures, but they really just enjoyed it so much and I kept taking pictures of them because I thought it was so cute. We are so lucky to be able to expose our kids to the beach (thanks to Madgie and Patch) and the lake (thanks to Mama Kay and Papa) and all the fun water activities that go along with each.

Cutie pie being one of the big kids.

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