Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tim's Graduation

We had a lot going on last weekend and all this week, which is why I am a bit behind in blogging. So let me try to catch up a little so you can see what we have been up to lately. Last weekend our nephew Tim graduated high school! You can see him in this picture - he is the closest to us standing up. He is standing because he was in the top 30 students in his class of over 500!

Here he is after graduation with his very proud grandparents, Mama Kay and Papa!
Then it was back to their house for a light lunch as we were set to go to Mongolian BBQ (Tim's favorite) for an early dinner. The kids decided to take their lunch outside!
Abbey is congratulating Tim!
Juliette decided it was a good time to show Mama Kay some princess dolls that she had been playing with during the graduation (Nephew Andrew stayed home with all the kiddos during graduation - thank you Andrew!).

Mama Kay, I know you are trying to watch Tim open his presents, but aren't these princess dolls more interesting?
Look at how fashionable this girl is!

Tim will be attending the University of Illinois in the fall planning to major in Environmental Engineering (not technically the name, but something along those lines having to do with agricultural engineering too). We are so proud of him and wish him the best of luck. I guess we finally have a reason to cheer for the Fighting Illini!
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