Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kitchen Update

Well, not quite as much got accomplished today as they were hoping. They had to repair some of our other walls before painting and that was taking a long time to dry so they couldn't paint over that today. They did paint the ceilings though. We also got our appliances, but they didn't get them hooked up yet. So not too much to show, but I thought I would show you how we are living during this process.

This is our living room. We were using this area previously as a make-shift kitchen, but when they refinished the floors they moved all the furniture out of here and we haven't been able to move it back yet as they are using this space for their tools and cabinets yet to be installed (and now some appliances too).

One shot of our new kitchen with our fridge in it. The stove is also in place, but you can't really see it in this picture.

All of the furniture from the living room was put in the family room when they refinished the floors. So here is our family room. We obviously cannot use this room at all at the moment (which is unfortunate as this is where our TV is). You can also see in this picture the thick layer of dust that is covering everything - yuck!

Our current fridge is now located conveniently right by the door should you want to grab a drink on the way out.

So it has been extremely difficult because we really have nowhere to play. We can play in the basement, but they sometimes are working in that area as it is directly below the kitchen and they need to get in there to move piping, etc. We can play upstairs in the kids' bedrooms, but we moved a bunch of stuff in their rooms too. Ben's room currently has 3 of our dining room chairs in it, so no real room to play there either. And we have no place to set up a make-shift kitchen. So we have cheerios every morning and PB&J sandwiches every day for lunch and with no real way to cook, we have had to go out to dinner every night. We are very tired of this and hoping we can get some working appliances by this weekend. Hopefully just one more week to go though!
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Kay said...

It all looks great. All of the inconvenience will be worth it in the end. After you are through I think you should leave your old refrigerator right where it is for the added convenience.