Thursday, June 16, 2011


Due to some morning storms, we decided to head down to the Museum of Science and History (a common field trip location from growing up here). It was actually a nice break from all the water activities (although we were planning to go to the beach today, which I would have enjoyed as well). Here are the kids and Madgie enjoying the dinosaur exhibit...

They had a neat area where you could gently brush away the sand and find dinosaur bones! The kids loved this activity...

So did Madgie apparently...look how focused everyone is!

I don't have very many matching outfits for the girls (mostly because Juliette has so many of Abbey's old clothes that she doesn't get much new stuff), but when I do happen to find something for them both, they get a big kick out of dressing alike.

We went to a great Sesame Street show at the planetarium. The kids all enjoyed it and Ben said it was much better than the space show we saw there over Christmas, which scared him a little can see he looks a bit nervous here before the show started. He kept asking me how I knew it was going to be a different show than what we saw last time. I told him the lady told me it would be Sesame Street. He finally said, "well ok, but if the lady is wrong than I'm outta here." Luckily, she was right!

They have a Florida creature exhibit. I think the kids are looking at some turtles here.

Then we ended the trip in the kids 5 and under play area (whew, Ben just made the cut-off), which had a fun water exhibit that the kids really liked (if you haven't noticed, they like all things water) and a big play area to climb on or seesaw on!

So handsome!

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